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Terms of Use

1. For visiting the NailMaker Bar salon with a check of more than 1000₽, a heart is charged.
2. For every 3 hearts in the card, you will receive a service as a gift, which is indicated in the cell:
4th visit - Alignment of nails
7th - Paraffin therapy
10th - Luxio Coating
13th - IBX Healing Coating
16th - Design for 2 nails
19th - Eyebrow coloring
22nd - French manicure
* If you didn't use a gift on the specified visit, then this gift expires, but you can move on to the next one
* When you have collected all the hearts, the accrual starts again.

3. The validity of the card, stamps and awards is not limited.
4. This card can only be used in NailMaker Bar Studios.
5. Stamps and awards cannot be exchanged, returned, replaced or redeemed for cash.
6. Cards are non-transferable and cannot be combined with other cards.
7. The company reserves the right of final decision in case of disputes.

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